Yarn Bomb mandala pattern

Upcycle your old CD’s with this yarn bomb project.
The pattern is not exact because you can add your own creative stitches, beads, bobbles or designs, but this is the basic idea:
Size H hook
leftover or stash yarn
2 CD’s so that the mandala is reversible.
First make the sleeve for the CD’s:
Leave a tail at the beginning of 8 inches or so in case you need extra to attach the mandalas together.
Chain 35 and join with a slip stitch
Chain 4 (this counts as the DC and ch 1)
skip 1 st
(DC in next st, ch 1, sk 1 st) Do this all the way around

sl st to the top of the first ch 4.
Also add another sl st in this area so it can feel more secure.
There should be 18 “ladder rungs.”

If you want more design, add another row of stitches to one side of the ladder or other.20171204_092825

Leave a tail of about 50-55 inches, finish off and cut yarn.

Put the sleeve around the 2 CD’s then using a tapestry needle, start catching a stitch on the sleeve and thread thru the center, then catch the same stitch on the other side of the CD.

You could have 3 or 6 threads going thru the center.
Connect in a single line, or whatever design you like.
Attach with yarn or paper clips.


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