Taj Mahal 3D Puzzle 1077 pieces

I found the 3D Taj Mahal puzzle at a thrift store. I love puzzles so I purchased. I looked for a tutorial to make this puzzle easier, and there wasn’t one. So here it is for someone else.

Here’s what comes in the box: a bag of pieces, the cardboard is a center support, and two instruction papers. Its good to get a piece of cardboard that fits all the way under the puzzle, so you can move it around from table to table as you work.

As you are taking out the sections with red dots, separate the pieces into lots of boxes. If they look similar, put them in the same box.

If I had it to do over again, I would start with the 4 towers that sit on the corners of the base support. When I got all finished, the towers did not fit easily or correctly. It could be my mistake with how I did the base pieces, or it could have been the puzzle company. I didn’t want to take off the base corners to find out. I didn’t care that much, but I would have cared in the beginning. So build the towers first, then build the base and make sure the towers fit those corners.

Here’s the outline of the puzzle. You may have to re do the corners because there are several choices when the top is put on in a few stages.


I made some supports that go around the base as I worked on it. Eventually you won’t need them, but here at the beginning its helpful.

Here are the supports that go underneath the corners.










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4 Responses to Taj Mahal 3D Puzzle 1077 pieces

  1. Nas says:

    Many thanks for your efforts in doing this

  2. Liz renicks says:

    I recievied my puzzle but there were no instructions s would
    appreciate if you could send a copy of yours to my email

    yours liz

  3. Gene Parr says:

    I recently bought a Taj Mahal, 1077 piece, second hand puzzle with no instructions. I can’t see them posted anywhere online. Would you be willing to email the instructions to me.

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