What is Enlightenment?

You’ve probably heard of the Zen Buddhist phrase that goes something like this:
Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. What does that mean? And what is enlightenment?

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Carrying water, or any daily task we do could be viewed as work, toil and drudgery. Before enlightenment, that’s exactly what life and most of our experiences feel like. They are not fun or uplifting, just work.

After enlightenment we do the same exact tasks; carry water, chop wood or take out the trash after dinner. But now, because of a new perspective, understanding or enlightenment, these same tasks become worthwhile and a joy.

Enlightenment is gaining a new perspective about life. Its just a fancy word for wisdom. You can easily recognize if you are enlightened if, while you are doing a menial daily task, you feel grateful, you feel it is worthwhile, you recognize from the head and heart that you are working for a higher purpose.

Using the techniques of ER Yoga and the Emotion Code is a path to wisdom or enlightenment because it teaches the principles of awareness, acceptance and then freeing the body of trapped emotions or troublesome thoughts. Contact me if you want to schedule a session of ER Yoga.

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