Emotion Code success

Sometimes I will report on the outcomes of an emotion code session. Some of these will be current events, and some from the past. The names are not real, but the story is. I don’t always know how things turn out after time passes, so its fun to find out.

Carla is a happy positive woman in her 80’s. She left the southeast US under poor circumstances and moved to the west. She suffers from painful arthritis in her knees. Since moving west, she has felt slowly better and better, but the progress is slow. The day I met with her, the knee pain was a 9 when walking but 0 when she was sitting. Her fear was of falling or of walking and always having to have something to hang onto.

She had a despair anchor which she didn’t care to share out loud but that wasn’t necessary to clear it out. She only had to think of the despairing statement in her mind. Then she had a heart wall with an inherited emotion. That’s about all we covered in the few minutes I saw her. There was no change in the amount of pain when I left her.

One week later, I saw her again and she was with a group of friends and bragging how there was only slight pain in one knee. She had been walking more and feeling much better. I did not find out what day this occurred, and of course I realize that there might be other factors involved, but it was wonderful to hear and if the Body Code was a help – I’m very thankful.

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Online Meditation Timer

If you practice meditation with a computer around, here is a link to a handy online timer. You can program in the length, the sound and even the time it takes you to prepare before the first timer sounds. Online Meditation Timer

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Metaphor: tennis ball in the dryer

I bought a used coat that is a really high quality brand, and the coat was in great condition. I felt blessed to have found it. I wanted to wash it before I wore it. The instructions were to wash it with similar colors and the dry it in an electric dryer and put a tennis ball in with it.

I guess the tennis ball helps to keep the fiber filling evenly spaced inside the coat as it dries. The tennis ball made so much racket. We wondered if there was something wrong with the dryer. It sounded like someone beating on the wall, and this went on for the whole cycle. But the coat came out beautifully.

This is a metaphor that is important right now because there are events happening all around me and in my own home where it seems like something is broken and the sound is like someone beating on the wall constantly and its fearful at times the intense emotions that are coming forward. So it helps me to enjoy the day when I remember that I am following the instructions on the label and the end result will be fabulous. Just stay centered and don’t get caught up or put myself in the middle of the dryer!

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What is Enlightenment?

You’ve probably heard of the Zen Buddhist phrase that goes something like this:
Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. What does that mean? And what is enlightenment?

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Carrying water, or any daily task we do could be viewed as work, toil and drudgery. Before enlightenment, that’s exactly what life and most of our experiences feel like. They are not fun or uplifting, just work.

After enlightenment we do the same exact tasks; carry water, chop wood or take out the trash after dinner. But now, because of a new perspective, understanding or enlightenment, these same tasks become worthwhile and a joy.

Enlightenment is gaining a new perspective about life. Its just a fancy word for wisdom. You can easily recognize if you are enlightened if, while you are doing a menial daily task, you feel grateful, you feel it is worthwhile, you recognize from the head and heart that you are working for a higher purpose.

Using the techniques of ER Yoga and the Emotion Code is a path to wisdom or enlightenment because it teaches the principles of awareness, acceptance and then freeing the body of trapped emotions or troublesome thoughts. Contact me if you want to schedule a session of ER Yoga.

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Emotion Code Session

If you would like to schedule an appointment with me, email me at leslie at rexburgyoga.com. Each session includes aspects of yoga and the Body Code and Emotion Code. I call this ER Yoga, Emotional Recovery Yoga. No special equipment, fitness level or experience is needed. It is not necessary to be in the same place either. I can use yoga principles and the Body Code over the phone as well as in person.

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I own my domain now

I heard it recommended on an interesting podcast from the BBC that everyone should own and operate the domain that is his or her own name.  Rather than being more anonymous and private about our virtual world, we should be found easily online and broadcast the wonderful things happening and  encourage more goodness, honesty and joy in the virtual and real world.  Ok.  Let’s begin.

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