Online Meditation Timer

If you practice meditation with a computer around, here is a link to a handy online timer. You can program in the length, the sound and even the time it takes you to prepare before the first timer sounds. Online Meditation Timer

There is value in reading scriptures and other inspiring texts. There is value in listening to uplifting podcasts and talks. There is great value in discussing truths with others and getting input from those discussions, but none of this is the direct experience of being with God. A meditation practice helps up accomplish the goals of more patience, acceptance, forgiveness and love because meditation is the practice of releasing attachment and identification to thoughts, emotions, and the physical body. Then we rest in God’s presence and have a direct experience in the space where we meet God – spirit to spirit. There are other places to learn the techniques of meditation, but these are some of the reasons to start or start again your meditation practice.

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