Metaphor: tennis ball in the dryer

I bought a used coat that is a really high quality brand, and the coat was in great condition. I felt blessed to have found it. I wanted to wash it before I wore it. The instructions were to wash it with similar colors and the dry it in an electric dryer and put a tennis ball in with it.

I guess the tennis ball helps to keep the fiber filling evenly spaced inside the coat as it dries. The tennis ball made so much racket. We wondered if there was something wrong with the dryer. It sounded like someone beating on the wall, and this went on for the whole cycle. But the coat came out beautifully.

This is a metaphor that is important right now because there are events happening all around me and in my own home where it seems like something is broken and the sound is like someone beating on the wall constantly and its fearful at times the intense emotions that are coming forward. So it helps me to enjoy the day when I remember that I am following the instructions on the label and the end result will be fabulous. Just stay centered and don’t get caught up or put myself in the middle of the dryer!

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