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I am a certified Emotion Code Practitioner and also a certified yoga educator.  I put these two complementary healing practices together and its called ER Yoga.  ER Yoga is Emotional Recovery Yoga.   ER Yoga is for pain relief.

When I first learned the Emotion Code and Body Code I saw how perfectly it fit with a yoga practice. Yoga teaches principles of body sensation awareness and allows all sensations without judgement. The Body Code then takes the sensations like pain, heaviness, burning, stabbing, and gives a voice to the sensations.

Because the pain is allowed to speak through the context of the Body Code, it can then be easily freed and removed from the body. The emotions from difficult experiences sometimes become trapped in the body tissues and these distortions can cause a disruption in energy flow and cause emotional and physical pain. Discovering the trapped emotion, allowing it to be seen and heard with acceptance is how that imbalance is removed.

I have integrated these two techniques of yoga and Emotion Code into what is called Emotional Recovery Yoga. ER Yoga. When someone asks me what I do, I tell them I am a yoga educator. We practice yoga in a session but its not like getting on the floor and stretching. It is unifying the body/mind with the perfect spirit through the breath and emotions.

ER or Emotional Recovery Yoga is a three step process: 1) identify your individual emotional stresses, 2) remove them easily using the Emotion Code protocols, then 3) gentle yoga postures and breathing to help relax the body and anchor the new balanced energy in the body.

If the body is relaxed and receives adequate oxygen, the body is not in pain. This is how ER yoga works as pain relief.  The body recovers its emotional balance.

I also uses the protocols in the Body Code  The Body Code provides a wider scope of questions to ask.  One of the most important tasks during a session is asking the right questions.  The body will always give the truth, if the right questions are asked.

Because the Emotion Code is working in the spiritual or energy field, it is not necessary to be physically present in the same room.  This is why working long distance over the phone is just as effective. Contact me for an appointment.

Appointments are available in person, skype or phone.   To contact me email me at leslie @ rexburgyoga.com

To tell you more about myself:
I have been interested in health since I graduated from college just after I was married with my degree in Food and Nutrition. Homeopathy was my first choice in first aid while raising my 5 children and we still use it frequently even now that children are mostly adults. I have learned the protocols of EFT and several other energy psychology methods but I find the Emotion Code is faster and complements my yoga practice beautifully.

I began practicing and then teaching yoga in my community of Rexburg about 1999 and became certified early in that adventure. Rexburg Yoga will give you more details about our on-going classes.


3 Responses to Emotion Code/ER Yoga

  1. Brooklyn Stanger says:

    Hello, I am interested in setting up an ER yoga sessions with Leslie.

  2. Tracy says:

    Hi Leslie,

    How much is a private session with you? I am familiar with the body code info and would like to learn more. Thank you!

  3. Sandy Cooper says:

    I am a CECP and would like to know more on how to perform ER Yoga. I am going through a divorce and am going to yoga about 2-3 times a week. I feel an emotional release every time I practice. The lady who owns the studio would love for me to help her offer this to her clients. Would you be willing to help me?
    Thank you for your time :)

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