Emotion Code success

Sometimes I will report on the outcomes of an emotion code session. Some of these will be current events, and some from the past. The names are not real, but the story is. I don’t always know how things turn out after time passes, so its fun to find out.

Carla is a happy positive woman in her 80’s. She left the southeast US under poor circumstances and moved to the west. She suffers from painful arthritis in her knees. Since moving west, she has felt slowly better and better, but the progress is slow. The day I met with her, the knee pain was a 9 when walking but 0 when she was sitting. Her fear was of falling or of walking and always having to have something to hang onto.

She had a despair anchor which she didn’t care to share out loud but that wasn’t necessary to clear it out. She only had to think of the despairing statement in her mind. Then she had a heart wall with an inherited emotion. That’s about all we covered in the few minutes I saw her. There was no change in the amount of pain when I left her.

One week later, I saw her again and she was with a group of friends and bragging how there was only slight pain in one knee. She had been walking more and feeling much better. I did not find out what day this occurred, and of course I realize that there might be other factors involved, but it was wonderful to hear and if the Body Code was a help – I’m very thankful.

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