Emotion Code: Choose your own cleaning equipment

I’m still pondering this question and how to work with the metaphor, so this post might raise more questions than it answers.

Sometimes when working with other energy medicine practitioners, even those certified in the Emotion Code, we all come up with a little bit different answers to the underlying issue, or we find them in a different order. Does this mean that someone is wrong?

In my opinion, no. The goal of any kind of medicine is to return the client to the memory of the perfect wholeness of her own body. Another goal for me is to constantly be cleaning up the collective energy field, emotional field and thought field in which our whole world plays. Each practitioner chooses his or her own tools for cleaning.

If a group of people have the task of keeping a building clean, some will choose a spray nozzle on a hose, some will choose a scrub brush, some will choose a rainstorm and some will choose detergents. As long as the goal is reached, then does it matter what tools are used? Is the scrub brush user wrong? No, I don’t think so.

Each practitioner of medicine or cleaning up has gifts and skills and a personal way to connect to the field and the client’s body, mind and spirit. So wouldn’t these differences be manifest in what answers are brought out as underlying issues or trapped emotions? In my opinion, yes. And I don’t have any problem with those differences as long as the client is feeling relief and more relaxation with their pain or problem.

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