Emotion Code and New Baby

The first week of Dec, a friend told me today she was pregnant, about 2 months along and when she went to the Dr for a first visit and ultra sound, she was told that the baby was too small and the heart beat was much too slow. There was about a 50/50 chance for this baby to keep growing to birth. And possibly a miscarriage would occur.

So with that worrisome news, I thought that doing some energy medicine certainly couldn’t hurt. I wasn’t sure how to proceed, so the first thing I asked was if we should work on Mom or baby. I worked on the baby’s energy system with the Body Code protocols.

So we will see what happens as the weeks progress. Baby would be due in July 2014
Now its Dec 17th and another Dr visit. The Dr was quite surprised at the turn around. The heart beat is normal. Baby is still a little small, but everything seems just fine. There really is no way to know if this had anything to do with the energy medicine, but since there were no side effects, there’s no reason to not try.
Here we are at mid Jan and things are going well. Mom is feeling sick and tired- completely normal as with her other pregnancies. All seems well with each check up with the doctor.
More developments as the pregnancy has progressed. Its now beginning of April and a few weeks ago an ultra sound showed placenta previa where the placenta is sitting quite low and blocking the cervix. This has potential to be a very dangerous condition but actually most of the conditions resolve over time.
But rather than just wait and see, it never hurts to test and see if the Emotion Code can help in any way. I did find a few things to clear up on the energetic level and again, we just waited to see what the future would bring. The latest ultra sound brought good news. No sign of any problem. Things are progressing fine so she is not considered a high risk for a C-section anymore.
I absolutely agree that this could have resolved itself with no intervention on the energetic level. There is just no way to know for sure. But when you know how to do something that might have an effect – why not use those skills?
Its July now and here at the end the placenta previa resolved perfectly and baby was born about 3 weeks early without complications. Mother’s blood pressure was getting too high towards the end so the choice was made to get baby here early but he was healthy and normal just a little small. He is having some difficulty with billirubin count so again I looked at some energy medicine. If his billi count does not go down, he will go back into the hospital. Again, who is to say what helps and what does not. But since it is simple and painless, use energy medicine. We will see tomorrow.
I guess I better finish the story. Its now Sep and the baby did not have to go back to the hospital. Now baby is growing and everyone is doing well.

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