Metaphor – Economics and spiritual practice

Earthly economics are very efficient. A baby only takes up enough space in mom’s womb to grow properly and not much extra. When one mails a package, one uses only the size of box needed to ship the item and not much extra, for that would be a waste of space and money. A growing seed only displaces the amount of dirt needed to push thru the soil. There are many examples of this good economy but yes sometimes man’s conscious choices are wasteful.

I want to examine that economy as it relates to spiritual consciousness. In the eternal dimensions, we have an infinite amount of room to put all experiences and all knowledge. There’s no limitation whatsoever. In our temporal body, we feel much more restricted. Our body/mind can only take in and process so much information and experiences both good and bad. We let the rest go by the wayside. We all process and handle as much as we can. We are all doing the best we can.

A concrete of example of this is if I go get a package of balloons for a birthday party. Even if I get a package of 100 large balloons, the package I bring home is small enough to carry easily in my purse and car. But when I start putting air into each of those balloons, they no longer fit into the package. What to do? I can remove the air, pop the balloon, or find a bigger container for the balloons. The family room should do just fine – I don’t need something as big as the school gym, yet. I am comfortable and the party is great and the economy of my choices worked well. I made the space big enough for my needs at the moment.

At any given time in my life, my spiritual soul container is just the right size to contain my experiences and knowledge. But what happens when I find out my government leaders cannot be trusted and have been dishonest? What happens when I find out about practices in my chosen religion’s history that are unbelievable, immoral, silly, or just plain wrong? What happens when my family is in an accident and are killed? What happens when I realize my doctor gave me old and dangerous information that compromised my health for the rest of my life?

Just like the choice about the balloons, I can resist, deny, refuse, and let the air out of the balloons so I can keep all that new information and experience in the small soul container, or I can make my spiritual container bigger. And how do I make my spiritual container bigger?

God has provided means for any human to do this successfully. It does not require membership in any particular religion or organization. It is simply to increase the effectiveness of your chosen spiritual practices. If the information or experience seems to be so totally overwhelming, then the commitment to that spiritual practice is so much greater. You may practice yoga and meditation, scripture study and pondering or walking in nature to commune with God. There are many choices but it must include the direct experience of feeling the soul expand, of feeling God’s presence, love and support. This is the only way to expand our spiritual container while here in this temporal existence.

Being a member of any particular church does not guarantee that you will have the soul-stretching spiritual practices necessary in life for expanding knowledge and experiences. This is a personal practice, and is different for every person.

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